The Chamber

The Chamber
Step deep into a world of shadowed velvet wherein you can exalt in your fantasies of flesh and frivolity. Dance the night away to our guest DJ's or step into the dungeon to take your partner on a wild ride of the senses!

THE CHAMBER is Sydney's only club night dedicated explicitly to FETISH-GOTH and it has set the standard of moonlight celebrations.

Amazing live shows, guest DJ's, lilting background melodies will entice your soul in the dungeon and our visual effects on the screen will enthral you.

Our new venue has a more intimate feel and more chill out areas. Of course there are areas to Dance, to Play, to Lounge and an outdoor smoking area. Our Dungeon is equipped for your finest fetish fantasy with multiple pieces of BDSM furniture including a medical and wax play area.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, 4 February 2017-8pm | Marrickville
The Chamber is Sydney's premium play party with a focus on elegant debauchery, and has set the standard for moonlit celebrations.



Fetish-goth Dance & Play Party


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