Cargo Bar

Cargo Bar
Liquid indulgence overflows here. Soak up the harbour views and sink a few beers. Corporate types visit during the day and under 30s prowl and party by night.

As one of Darling Harbour's busiest bars, Cargo is invariably packed on weekend nights with crowds of big drinking under-30s.

White, chrome and blonde wood feature heavily in the bar's minimalist design, with splashes of colour dotting the interior. Be sure you check out the bar's unisex glass toilets (each cubicle reportedly cost $15,000, and transforms from clear to opaque when you step inside).

For the best water views, visit during the day and take a seat out in the beer garden. Once the sun goes down things get decidedly busier, with long entry queues a familiar site at this end of the wharf. Inside, you'll find the venue heaving to a thumping dance beat, and standing room only unless you're lucky enough to nab a seat outside.

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