I find that women are more exciting in bed and for sexual experiences

A True Story

After dating and going out with many men in my life including having long term relationships I find that women were more exciting for sexual experiences (as I've had a few over the years), ex partners such as ex boyfriends etc. were not that great and wonderful its like once you have been with one they're all the same but women there's something really unique about each of them. Inspiring and enjoyable I also feel safer and loved more where as with men its like its for a quickie than that's it but women there's something interesting more erotic, more playful, more fantasy, more reality, more love, more sensual, more fun so this is what I think (at this point in my life). I've been single for now about well many years and its given me time to think the males who I crossed paths with didn't provide me with what I really desire. I didn't find it that hot or sexy or a turn on. I found that women turned me on more am I a lesbian ? not sure to be honest but thinking all this maybe I am? the truth is I was thinking about all of my ex men male relationships experiences and I felt as though I'm glad they're all gone and its over. My feelings were as though I deserve much better, I can get better so which is why I woke up and something led me to this website. I guess my life has taken a dramatic turn and I need to find someone who wants me for me unlike men from the past who just wanted me to be the way they wanted or for sex. So I share this with you all my story has had sadness, tears, love and fun times but the older I get I'm yearning for something much greater and more happiness. I'm not perfect and I make mistakes but I try I really do. I put in so much effort into relationships friendships, romance invest lots of time, energy and money most of my ex male companions/friends etc. have moved on now getting married having kids they sort of abandoned me not interested in helping me like they don't want to know me, it hurts I felt used, abused and sad because I gave them a piece of me and its like they just threw me away like trash. I'm so over it and not wanting crap again. The women I met in my life were so different and even though they too moved on we moved on without hatred or anger or bitterness but the men made me upset and angry. I don't mean to rave on but I'm just over it. Wanting something different a new adventure with better times and better ending. I realize nothing is perfect but surely there has to be someone for everyone right? Thanks for reading.

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