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Sydenham, VIC
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31F Sydenham, VIC

Looking for Women Any Age for Relationship, Casual dating

Curious bi or exploring

Open, Easy to talk to, approachable, non judgmental, love to talk.

Ideal partner

Understanding, ok with me being curious or bi. Able to listen and be honest, have a laugh. Easy to talk to


Gender: Female
Age 31
Location Sydenham, VIC
Status Married
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Versatility Versatile
Tribe Femme


Weight 61 kg
Body Type Average
Tattoos Arm, Shoulder, Other
Piercings Other
Pubic Hair Shaved / Waxed / Lasered


Lifestyle Active
Drinking I drink socially
Smoking I am a smoker
Diet Vegetarian
Practice Safe Sex Always


Languages English, Other
Personality Extrovert
Star Sign Gemini
Religion Catholic
Religious Views I'm open-minded
Political Attitude Ask me later

Children & Pets

Have Children No
Want Children Ask me later
Have Pets Have a pet(s)

Work & Education

Education Diploma/Certificate
Industry Education & Training