Erotic Living
Erotic Living is a place to learn extremely important life skills which are not taught in our schools or universities.

Our festivals, workshops and trainings are led by a small team of skilled and dedicated people who dare to live more freely, feel more alive, who are not afraid openly to question society’s prejudices and judgements.

Previously known as School of Really Good Sex, we changed our name in 2020.

Erotic Living is a more inclusive and expansive name for what we are doing, a more accurate description of what we seek to teach in our workshops, festivals and trainings. To live erotically is to refuse all forms of demand and coercion. It is to cultivate the feeling of aliveness and joy in every aspect of our lives: how we walk, speak, listen, hold ourselves, eat, dress, work, play and love. An erotic approach can also help us to deal with life’s adversities as well as grief.


Adult Workshops & Events

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