Dark, homely and well-loved by locals, The Burdekin is a 'stayer' that's been around since 1847. It's an Oxford Street institution.

Darlinghurst's Oxford Street never sleeps. Walk down the strip at virtually any time and you'll find nightclubs (or day clubs) thumping, pubs open as always and lines of traffic cruising past. Mixed party crowds and a colourful gay scene complete the picture. Darlo is a buzzing zone. It's not always pretty, but hey, it has its virtues; after all, you can always find a takeaway shop ready to sell you a hangover antidote in the form of a kebab or a hot slice of pepperoni pizza.

The Burdekin sits amid all this. It's a commanding kind of venue and most people agree that it's a rock-solid local institution. This place feels like it's been around forever, and well, it almost has. It has been serving liquor since 1847 and has survived decades of urban changes plus countless renovations. Wander in, look around and you'll find high ceilings, cosy decor and a warm atmosphere. The upstairs area has window views which aren't half bad when the Mardi Gras parade is in full swing on the street below.

As you'd expect, the crowd is as mixed bag. Expect low-key locals, friendly cuties, hard clubbers taking a break, vamped-up party girls, dykes, misfits and gorgeous boys in tight muscle tees.


Gay friendly Pub

2 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst



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