Sydney Leather Pride Association
Sydney Leather Pride came into being at the start of 1990. Its founding members were six individuals who shared a common fetish, that of leather BDSM. These six individuals came together to form what was originally known as Sydney Leather Pride Week Association.

The aim of this group at that time was a simple one, to educate and demystify the leather / BDSM lifestyle to the general community with education forums and workshops, while at the same time having fun. Our education workshops are held on a regular basis, we host several smaller dance events, pub nights, Leather Pride Week and our major fund raiser and demonstration of our community the Inquisition dance party.

There is plenty of room for people interested in leather or fetish to get involved. We welcome new members, volunteers and like-minded folk who simply want to meet others in a friendly social and fun environment.

With a new president elected early in 2011 a revitalised SLPA will be launching a new logo, website and new membership rates. We’ll also hydrate your veins with a pub night, implant education in your brain, and inject streams of party, naughty and nasty into your genitals.

We’ll be strapping up for the Mardi Gras Parade again this year, and we’re planning something a little shocking. Cover nanna’s eyes when you see our flag coming. Shhh… it’s a surprise!

And we have a whole schedule of workshops to satiate your kink planned for the year ahead.


Fetish Events, BDSM Workshops


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