green eyed devil

A Fantasy

her smell as she strutted past me was nothing short of grabbed hold of me and i had no choice the demon took control, i needed to follow her! i walked to the bar knowing she was there. after ordering my drink i glanced over feeling like a voier hoping not to be seen. her beauty was breath taking eyes as green as the midori i was drinking, long wavy black hair, the most lucious lips i have ever seen and the body of a mind started to wander thinking of all the naughty things i would do to her. my clit slowly starting to swell i could feel myself becoming wet just at the thought of it. The thoughts were consuming me! all of a sudden there was that smell i snapped out of it! Its her she leans towards me her lips slightly touching my ear her warm breath casuing my nipples to harden she wispers "i can see you want me, take me home kiss me from head to toe and then bend me over and tell me im a bad girl" my breath became quicker at this point i could feel my clit pulsating in my pants, i wanted her here, now,i couldnt wait! she took me by the hand and lead me outside, it was then i decided to take control i pulled her to the alleyway and threw her against the wall in a moment of passion i kissed her hard.. my tounge exploring her mouth, she tasted so sweet, my hand slipped up her dress and made its way to her warm tight snatch, i slowly started to stroke her swollen clit, she moaned with pleasure, she needed me, wanted me. Kissing my neck i could hear her panting as i became faster with my strokes, her breath became quicker, her moans became louder just as she was about to cum i slipped two fingers in her dripping wet box she screamed with desire as her whole body shuddered, i removed my wet sticky fingers from her tight pussy she ccouldnt help but let out a little sigh, she then looked me directly in the i and then said "now its your turn" my underwear was now saturated i had a taste of her i couldnt help but fantasise about how she would pleasure me ....... part 2 to come ;)