Play things

A Fantasy

Sitting on the couch, my long red dress with its plunging v neckline spread out across the cushions. I stroke the tops of my E cup breasts in anticipation of the company Im expecting.

Three sharp taps on the door are followed by the sound of the front door opening and shutting, a nervous giggle floats up the stairs, cut off by my assistants soothing whisper.

Haha let the fun begin! In my mind Im rubbing my hands together with glee!

" Ms B, may we approach?" called out My assistant Tess respectfully. Her training is coming along nicely and her latest reward has been to be allowed to hunt for the first time. I am about to meet Tess' first catch.

"You may Tess." I replyed slipping easily into my role as mentor, disciplinarian and Mistress.

Footsteps on the stairs, the sharp tapping of stiletos, as I insist Tess wears in my company.

Ah but Tess is pretty, long dark hair, curvy and tall. Her lovely green eyes sparkling with excitement. Already my blood is pumping as I think about riding her mouth as reward!

As she sinks to her knees in the bow of respect Ive taught her to use I catch sight of who is behind her, a girl so perfect it nearly takes my breath away!

"is this the slut, Tess?" I ask in my most distainful tone.

I watch the new girls expression change from nervous anticipation to a blushing humiliation, my nipples tighten in response.

"Yes Mistress, May I present Alicia. She is anxious to be tested!" relpyed Tess.

"Did you teach her anything? Tess, You disapoint me! Is this an appropriate way for a slut to be in my presence?" I deliver a stinging backhanded slap to Tess' face.

Alicia lets out a cry of shock, looking around in panic she takes in the range of sex toys, clamps, cuffs and floggers set out on the wall opposite.

haha I am beginning to enjoy myself!

Tess starts apologising, her forehead touching the ground. "get up you useless, ungrateful bitch and fix it!" I demand.

Tess jumps up immediately and grabs Alicia by her long silver blonde hair. Pushing her roughly to her knees screaming at her, " Stupid Slut! you will be lucky not to be thrown out on the street! Are you so dumb that you forgot what I told you about bowing at Ms B's feet?"

Alicia has started to cry already, she is soft. A few hours in my company will change that! Oh I do love the tears though!

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