Play things part 2

A Fantasy

My excitement builds as I take in the beautiful tableau, Tess her green eyes darkening with arousal, her face still showing the last of humiliated blush holding down Alicia by the scruff of her neck.

Alicia is wimpering, tears falling steadily from those luscious blue eyes to pool on the floorboards by my feet. the position she is in gives me a great veiw of her slim waist leading to the highest, roundest arse Ive seen in quite a while! Oh how I want a peice of that!

Have to hold myself back though for a minute, Alicia has to make the last choice Ill allow her.

"Let the slut kneel Tess." I command.

Tess releases the pressure on Alicia's neck and she slowly drags her head up by a handful of hair.

Alicia's gaze meets mine for a brief second before she quickly averts her gaze. So very inticing!

"back down Tess!" one of my standard commands that Tess follows perfectly, letting go of Alicia she takes 2 steps back and drops to her knees with her eyes lower and her hands clasped behind her back.

We have practised this positon for hours, I often have Tess maintain various positions as I go about my business. It teaches patience and humility.

"Alicia you may look at me." Alicia's head snaps up to meet my gaze. Ahh maybe she does have promise, her tears have stopped and I can see strength in her self control.

"you have one more choice to make Alicia, as you have chosen to come and be presented to me obviously there are needs you have that arent being met in your day to day life. However as Im sure Tess would have explained, If you make the choice to stay here and be tested it will be the last choice you have. I have no safe words and will not stop just because you are finding something I do hard or discomforting! I am experienced and will know if Im pushing your limits. If you choose to stay you are giving your well being into my hands and are trusting me to improve your skills as a submissive, both in the bedroom and as a general companion. Do you understand?"

I can see Alicia mulling over my words and a look of determination transforms her face.

Oh well time will tell if she has it in her.

"Excuse me Ms B, what is the other side of my choice?" she asks quietly.

"You may leave now. No questions asked, no recrimminations and no cajoling. Just get up and leave." I answer. "you may have a few minutes to think it through"

"Ma'am I dont need a few minutes. Im so ready it hurts!" Alicia answered with a huge smile. "please accept me!"

Oh YAY! My blood starts to race, let the Fun begin...