green eyed devil part 2

A Fantasy

i watched as the green eyed devil composed herself afer i took her to a place of satisfaction. Confidently she grabbed my hand and strutted towards the road, with a slight raise of her hand she hailed a cab and pushed me in. As we drove towards her house she put her hand on my leg and slowly made her way up to my dripping wet cunt, when she reached the top of my pants she cupped my mound firmly i couldnt help but let out a loud gasp her feirocity stunned me, every inch of me was aching for her, after what seemed forever we pulled to a quaint little house not far out of the city, i paid the cab driver and follwed her to the door. she lead me in and before we could even shut the door she started ripping off my clothes her mouth made her way to my breasts she licked, sucked and then grabbed my nipple with her teeth and softly nibbled i let out a cry, she pulled me towards the bedroom and threw me on the bed, i watched in awe as she slipped her dress off, her skin was perfect her rounded dd breats sat firmly on her chest her snatch smooth, her ass round, she made her way over to me pulled my pant of and started licking my stomach looking at me with her eyes...inticing me, her soft, warm tounge making its way to my aching snatch, she slowly started to rub my mound i moaned with pleasure her fingers made their way and entered my mound i screamed as i came, but she wasnt done her lips consumed my clit her fingers firmly fingering my cunt, her licks became faster and harder i came again. "get on all fours she said " her dominace made me quiver with pleasure as she started licking my asshole," do you want me to fuck you she asked "? yes i pleaded with her "please fuck me " she got up and retrived a large strap on from her draw. my breath became quicker, she strapped the big black cock on and spread my legs, with one hard thrust she was inside me, in and out i moaned with pleasure i could here her breath becoming quicker, she licked her finger and slowly inserted it into my ass, we both came instantly. After hours of fast, rough amazing sex we fell asleep. I woke up to the sun shining through the curtain, i rolled over to find the devil was gone, i got up searched around but she was no where to be seen, i procrastinated for about half an hour but still she did not return so i decided to leave...the taxi ride home was the most satisfying ride i ever had....i did not see the green eyed devil again after that...although i wish i had