lustfull taste

A Fantasy

Meeting for the first time brings excitement,fear and wanting desire.I saw her coupe park in front of the motel room long slender legs eased her sexy body to face me where i could see her firm breasts straining against her sheer blouse.God i was horny my snatch was pulsating she was more beautiful than the picture.Once in the room i grabbed her hand and pulled her to me,our mouths meet and our tongues joined exploring and promising more to come.She walked to the shower clothes dropping,turned showing her erect nipples and blonde snatch and said are you coming,by now i could of,nodding i walked to her brushing my hand across her arse.Warm water and scented soap flowed, from behind i kissed and nuzzled her neck and shoulders while my hands caressed her nipples pinching them as she gasp.Her hand pulling me towards her clit as her free hand fingered me slowly then faster,my tongue had to explore her clit so i grabbed her and threw her towards the bed,my mouth sucking and licking her nipples as my thigh rubbed her wetness her moans urged me on,grabbing a pillow i pushed it under her arse elevating her so my tongue could lick her arse right up to her pulsating cherry.Laying sideways i slid one finger in her arse and more into her slit while my mouth searched for her clit,as my rhythm increased so did her orgasm her body rising and falling.She moaned come kneel above my face ,when i did her hands kneaded and pulled my nipples her long slender tongue worked magic,those beautiful lips made me come and come.