Dream Lover

A Fantasy

It was a hot Summer's night and I was asleep in my bed; the cold air from the air conditioner caressing my skin like a lovers touch. My bedroom is dark, The bedroom door suddenly opens slightly and she appears.She moves towards my sleeping body and trails just the tips of her fingertips down my neck across my breast, my nipple becomes erect to her touch across my tummy and over my smoothly waxed cunt. She smiles when she slips a finger in and finds me wet. My hips raise to meet her hand, she smiles and pulls away. She takes her dress off and it seems to float to the ground, she is naked underneath and joins me on my bed. She leans over me and kisses my neck, then nibbles my earlobe as she whispers, "Wake up princess."

I wake and look into her eyes, I don't know her and yet there is something familiar about her. "I have been waiting for you for so long princess."

"We are together now, my love," I reply and pull her on top of me for a passionate kiss. My hands caress down her smooth, soft back to her firm, bubble butt; I cup her butt with my hands and pull her closer to me. She bites my neck and nibbles my collarbone grinding her smooth kitty against mine, I moan my pleasure into her ear and capture her mouth again with mine, sucking on her tongue before nipping her bottom lip. She slides lower down my body caressing one of my nipples with her wet tongue and then sucks it hungrily. I moan and pant my enjoyment as she trails her nails down my body to my hot liquid center. She scrapes her nails over my pussy lips. Still devouring my nipple she flicks her fingernail across my clit and I moan.

"Mmmmmmmm baby more." I demand. She scraped her teeth over my nipple still sucking furiously and she starts caressing my wetness from top to bottom; sliding a finger into me and pumping it in and out, rubbing my clit with her thumb. My moans grow in intensity and frequency as i feel my pleasure peak. My body grinding against hers as I shatter under her.

She kisses me lightly until I recover, I look deep into her eyes and deepen our kiss until a tongues are dueling for control. I flip her onto her back as I take control of our kiss demanding passion from her. My hands caress her body i flick her nipple into my teeth with my tongue before sucking on it and pulling gently. My hand slide down her body to cup her pussy rubbing her smoothness lovingly. My hand slides between her pussy lips and I spread her wetness. I take her clit between my thumb and index finger and give it a little squeeze as I nip her nipple. I slide my other hand between our bodies and start fingering her slowly with one finger whilst i begin to gently tug and squeeze her clit and tug her nipple with my teeth. I slide another finger into her wetness and pump it in and out hard and fast, tugging and squeezing her clit and I nip and suck her nipple. She explodes in an intense orgasm all over my hand I take my fingers from her and lick them clean. I kiss her deeply as I hold her as she recovers.

I must off fallen asleep because I woke and there was no sign off her except the disheveled bed. I shake my head was it real or was it a dream?