My perfect dream date

A Fantasy

I stood in the corner,feeling shy and uneasy,yet so horny i could feel myself getting wet. This was my first night at a private fetish party and i longed to participate.And there she was the most stunning woman i had ever seen. Her green eyes flashed and suddenly she looked in my direction,my heart started pounding as she began to walk towards me. She leaned into me with her beautiful firm breast pushing up against mine.She whispered in my ear"come play with me,I have a room upstairs".She took my hand and we almost ran up the stairs ,she unlocked the door the room.A round bed covered in purple velvet lay before us.She closed the door and pushed me up against the wall kissing me deeply, our tongues exploring each others mouths deliciously.We undressed each other with such sensual grace i was almost trembling.
Her fingers slowly rubbing my pussy and oh the intense pleasure as she slid them up inside me rubbing them and i was so wet and my pussy so large that she moaned in delight as she fondled me. she was so strong and tall she lifted me up and lay me on the bed kissing me hungrily working her way down my body. Her tongue licked me quickly over my clit and my back arched in delight as i ran my hands through her silky curly locks. She looked up at me and flashed a smile as she said "this is the most perfect pussy i have ever seen and i plan to have you all night" I smiled in return running my hands down the sides of her face and i puled her back up to me to enjoy her mouth in mine and feel those gorgeous breasts that i just had to suck on,her hard black nipples.
She gasped as i pushed four fingers inside her and explored her beautiful womanhood.Then i reached for the vibrator beside the bed and put it inside she groaned and said"oh you're good ,faster baby faster"rubbing her clit i couldn't resist even tho my pussy hungered for her tongue i had to have her first.I pushed my face into her crotch and tasted her ,she tasted as beautiful as she looked and my tongue went deep inside her. I stroked her clit and she came into my mouth and it was delicious.
SHe flashed that stunning smile again and said now i must have you.she flipped me onto my back and buried her face into my pulsating pussy. Slowly taking some of my juices she put her finger up my arse and licked my clit ,with fingers inside both of my holes i was moaning with pleasure,then a fist up me that was so gentle that i felt the most ecstasy i had in a long time.she pulled it out and grabbed a larger dildo saying "you pussy is so big i love it"licking my clit as she pushed the dildo up me i came and came like never before.she took my juices and rubbed them all over my breasts and then licked and sucked them as i lay trembling. I put my hand inside her and did the same her large breasts so delicious with her taste on them.
I knew i had found the perfect play mate as we enjoyed each other for hours back and forth our mouths enjoyed each other juices our bodies entwined. Then her finale.she grabbed a strap on and entered me while kissing me deeply her tongue soft and and sweet with our juices, her breast rubbing on mine and i cheekly tweaked her nipples with a gasp she thrust deeper and faster our clits rubbing and pulsating in pleasure. Perfectly we came at the same time and she lay down on me pulling the strap on out and replacing it with her delicate fingers .again i was trembling all over as was she i explored her sweet vagina. We lay panting in each others arms. She said "let's rest for a minute and then i will have you until the daylight comes".
I hope one day this fantasy will come true