A Fantasy

I could feel the tension in the room, we had seen each other before, the attraction was electric. I could feel her eyes gazing at me and looking away shyly as I look towards her. So many other people occupy the room yet it seems we were the only two people there. I order another midori with pineapple juice, I decide to get a little tipsy so that I can work up the spirit to talk to her. Finally I move towards her, like there’s no one else there, I take her hand and I say hi. She responds by gently massaging her hand in mine, the feeling makes me tingle down below.

I ask her to dance but really I can’t dance to save myself but I am tipsy and suddenly I can dance better than ever before, she gives me power. Our bodies brush against each other, I want to get more intimate so I rub myself against her luscious body. She has those curved hips that you can just take hold of and feel every inch of her waste. I run my hands up and down her body, I feel her enjoyment, I feel myself getting wet. I decide that we need to take this further, I start to kiss her. Her tongue slides in and out of my mouth as I run my fingers through her soft short hair. The taste of pineapple juice is making me want to kiss her harder and faster, she tastes amazing. It feels like there is no one else in the room but the two of us until I feel my hands under her shirt I realise we’re not alone.

I invite her back to my place and of course she consents. It was a quick walk home as we were both so horny. We held hands as if we were lovers for a long time and every so often I pushed her up against a fence and kissed her and felt her large breasts. Mmmm the feel of her nipples was making me pulsate. Finally we make it back to my place where I must decide how to fuck her. Does she want it hard, slow, gentle, does she want me to lick her or just fuck her, I decided to just try a bit of everything and see what she liked best. She was a beautiful experiment to me, a victim to my dirty devious mind. She seemed to go along with everything, I was in complete control yet I could tell she was experienced also.

There was no point asking if she wanted a drink or making small talk, it was clear what we both wanted. Our eyes locked and we start kissing, first slow and then our lips faster and pressing harder against each other I shift my attention to her neck, running my tongue up to her ear, feeling her body melt and her light little purrs, she likes it, I continue but move to her other ear and grab the back of her hair as my hand runs through. She flinches and I know I have her, I can tell she likes it rough so I decide in a leap of strength to rip her shirt open. Her eyes bulge at the shock of her shirt ripping open and before she knows it her bra has been unclipped. She locks her lips on mine and begs me to touch her. Her arms pull me closer to her and I cannot fight the urge to touch her breasts. I remove her shirt and bra and see the nicest nipples ever. They are hard and just calling me to them. I throw her down on my new couch and feel them in the palms of my hand for the first time. I kiss her, our tongues interlock and I start to squeeze her nipples, I just want one in my mouth, I break our embrace and find one hand twisting a nipple and my mouth darting around the other, then sucking, switching from nipple to nipple I feel her body tense and then relax.

She just lay there and enjoy the sensation. I want to get into her pants. I undo her belt and top button of her jeans. I then run my finger along her zip all the way down her pussy. She winces and bites my neck. It feels so good I can feel my wetness through my pants she excites me so much. I want to tease her so much but I am getting greedy, I want her to fuck me, I need to get a move on so I undo her fly, rip off her underwear and jeans in one movement as she kicks off her shoes and socks. There she is naked in front of me as I remove my shirt. She starts sucking my nipple and running her hand through my hair. It feels so good. I run my hand down her inner thigh. There was no point teasing her anymore, I could smell her wetness, it smelt heavenly. I slide my finger down her wet pussy and feel her hard clit. Once more my finger goes up and down her slit as I slide a finger inside her. It’s warm and sticky and feels amazing so I get another finger involved. She moves with the movement of my fingers inside her. I start slow and so I can concentrate on her nipples, so hard, her body soft. The momentum picks up and I find myself connected to her inner self, I want to make her orgasm so bad.

I think it’s time for her to pleasure me so I remove my underwear and pants and let her explore my body. She’s totally bewitched by me and she slides her fingers inside me. I do the same to her as we fuck each other as hard and fast as we can whilst each trying to savour our own inner joy. She is so wet that her juices are dripping off my hand, her wetness and my wetness combined I start thinking about my next move. Should I let her make me orgasm or should I make her orgasm or should I start licking her out. My thoughts were answered as she asks me to go down on her. I massage my tongue around her clit, I feel it, it’s so hard it makes me wetter. I lick it, I swirl my tongue around it, I massage it with my tongue whilst I fondle her hard nipples. Depending on what I do with her nipples she starts to squirm more, i feel she’s close, her breathing is getting more intense as I start to lick her faster, going with her movements I lick and I lick and I lick until she orgasms. It was very intense I immediately slide my fingers inside her to feel her inner joy and remind her that I’m there. She feels dizzy and looks out of it but starts to take control and kisses me. She pushes me down and......

So, I don’t know of you liked my story but I thought I’d give writing a go, send me a message if you liked it and would like me to write some more.