Thunderstorm Orgasms

A True Story

One day i had a female play-mate come over, while waiting for her to arrive i got everything ready like the bed, the toys and vibrators out, bullets, lube and strap-on aswell. after i had done that i sat down still waiting for her, while waiting i got so horny just thinking about what were gonna get up too, this would be the first sexual play i had had in 10mths so you can imagine how excited and horny i was getting. so while i was waiting for her, i sat down i put on some lesbian porn and started to rub my boobs and feel my hard nipples harden feels so good!

2mins later...Knock knock at the door its bec. So i quickly stopped the porn, and answered the door. She came in put her big bag down on the floor and had to dry off as its pouring down rain as were in for a huge storm, after she dried off she then flopped down on the couch, she looked abit flushed so i asked her if she wanted a glass of water and she said yes please babe, so i got her a drink and sat down next to her. We were just sitting there chatting for a while about everything whats been happening, then all of a sudden she started to rub her right boob, just seeing her do that made my vagina tingly as hell!

She then looked at me lend over and softly kissed me...i then grabbed the remote and put the lesbian porn back on, we then both got undressed sat down and started touching ourselfs and rubbing our clit's. With the storm thats coming with the loud rain, wind and thunder we were able to turn the porn up loud, by hearing them moan so loud and hearing the sloshy sound what their doing to their own vaginas made us so fucking horny we then got the bullets and vibrators out sat down in front of the loud tv, we started by spreading our legs and rubbing the bullets on our clit's, doing that with loud porn on i knew i was going to cum and squirt knowing i havent had this sexual play with someone in ages.

After trying to hold it as long as i can i squirted everywhere lucky i have tiles in the loungeroom. After bec saw me squirt the way i did, she then came over and started to lick and suck me while still feeling my throbbing pussy on her tounge, she then grabbed a vibrator and said here now fuck me baby till i cum as hard as you did...b4 i did thatI then sucked her clit and i slid my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, i started off very slow, and i got faster and faster and faster she then squirted but b4 she finished squirting i shoved the vibrator deep in her pussy and she let off a huge scream, i then turned the vibrator up on high and was moving it out and slamming it back in hard, i did that about 8 times in a row and on the 9th time she pushed the vibrator out of her pussy and squirted so hard and everywhere while screaming in pleasure, i then lick and sucked her out feeling her pussy throbbing on my tongue.

While sitting there with our legs spread to each other, we debited we were hungry and wanted to eat lunch and fuck each other at the same time. So we cleaned up abit, then went in to the kitchen to find something to eat...while heating up something in the microwave bec came in with our long double ended dildo, while i was sitting in the bench, she started to stimulate my clit again with the bullet, and suddenly we lost power the storm got really bad. Now we couldnt eat what we wanted...We had the most kinkiest idea ever...we went outside, it was really windy and the rain was blowing in, with the cold water on us we started to rub each others boobs...we looked out in the yard and the sky, it was really bad and wild, so we said lets do it...SOOO we went out in the middle of the yard laid down on our back and spread our legs as wide as you can with the cold pouring rain on us...we then put the double ended dildo in our pussies, i was ontop of her moving up and down like crazy fuck her so hard in this storm. I was non stop pounding her we both were moaning so much it turned up on more...i was still fucking her hard and fast now then a clap of thunder came it was the most intense feeling & numbing feeling, fucking her hard and fast and then jolted so much cause cause of the thunder made our bodies connect in to one after about a min of the felling passing, we rolled over so she was on top, she was now fucking me hard and fast it was feeling so fucking good with the wind rain the thunder and the feeling of being naked fucking in the yard and sliding up and down on our wet bodies. Bec was pounding me 5mis straight, with the look of both our faces we knew we were going to cum hard together, as bec gave that one last slam...we both came hard but at the same time so did the big clap of thunder and lightning, having that at the same time made our orgasm the most intense one ever!

we just laid there legs spread in the air just letting the rain hit our sore throbbing pussys.

We went back inside, and laid down on towels on the floor, we both looked at eachother pussys and they were red raw with all the pounding and slamming and still pulsating. We then just laid on top of each other for about an hr till the stormed passed.

About 2hrs later, the power came back on, and so did the porn on the tv...had to turn it down again but seeing the lesbian gang bang porn just made us horny again, so YEP you guessed it we did it ALL OVER again...

My vagina was sore for a day after what we did! So so worth it, kinky and spontaneous!!!

Best thunderstorm orgasm EVER!