Kiss me Tender- part one.

A Fantasy

She is my best friend, and I have fallen in love with her...... I have to tell her that I am bi-sexual and want to kiss her and love her in every way.
Its late at night. I drive up to her house and she is standing on her drive having a cigarette. The glow casts a light on her face. She is so beautiful, the darkness gives me courage. I stop the car and get out. I want to touch her and kiss her and tell her how much I desire her.
I give her a hug as we usually do. Its longer than usual. She notices this. She asks me if I am ok? I tell her that she is so beautiful and I am feeling like I love her...........
She tells me she cares for me too.
But I have to tell her that what Im feeling is more than friendship, I dont want to scare her, but I cannot hold back anymore.
My heart is beating so hard, my stomach tight. I hug her again and whisper against her hair that I want to kiss her..........
She groans, and turns her head towards me. I almost cant breath! Her beautiful eyes look into mine. She tells me- ok.
My sex feels so tight and actually hurts.
I gently cup her face in my hands. Her lips tremble. I have to kiss her NOW!
I lower my lips and just gently kiss her, softly, once, twice. I come back and suck on her lower lip, as she opens her lips a bit for me.
She groans agains my mouth...... We kiss properly this time. Her mouth is hot and wet. Her tongue eagar to touch and feel mine. We mate with our tongues. The feeling is so hot.
My pussy is feeling so tight, and I know that I am so wet already.
I leave her lips and bend to kiss her neck; i kiss hot kisses on her soft skin. I softly kiss from the base of her neck and slowly kiss and lick, my way up her neck.
I nip and kiss her skin, she smells gorgeous. She is moaning and Im sure she is feeling so hot as well.
I arrive at her ear. I softly kiss then suck on her ear lobe. She sags against me moaning. I suck a little harder, my breathing heavy against her ear. My nipples are hard and straining against my bra. I long to touch her all over. I want to touch her pussy and see if she is wet too.
I gently swirl my tongue inside her ear. "OMFG'" she gasps! So I go back to sucking on her ear lobe, then kissing down her neck again. Im gonna give her a lovebite the way Im going. Im deep kissing her skin and sucking on her at the same time. If I were a vampire I would take her now!
She pulls me back up to kiss her lips. "you are so hot babe, I gasp". Our mouths join again, but this time we are full on. Deep tongue kissing, hot and horny, our mouths and lips craving each other. I could just eat her all over............
We break away and just sag onto each other, our breathing is heavy, our clits are hot and throbbing, our nipples are tight and hard and straining to be released and touched. Our panties are soaking wet..............
Suddenly, the porch light goes on! "Oh Shit!" I groan. Its her hubby. I want to tell him to "Fuck off"!
I gotta go she says..........
With that she breaks away from me and dashes to the door.
I stagger to the car. My whole body is thumping with unrealeased desire. Im so hot and horny it hurts me.
It takes me a minuite to get the keys in the ignition....... "Fuck that was hot" I think. Im going to go home to relive every awesome moment of it, pleasure myself, then figure out a way to do this again.............. (To be continued)