The Door.

A Fantasy

The Door. Well its just an ordinary door in my house. But this door is now, so much more.......
It was a prop for a lustful encounter! It holds my moans and gasps. It brings back memories that make me wet- just to think about the time agains this door.
To everyone else it is just a bedroom door. Nothing special. But oh Holy Shit what a delicious experience against that door, that is now, so much more!

It was a late afternoon. All was quiet in the house. A rare moment in time.......
I knew she was a lesbian. It was a known fact. She was a fantasy that I could not hope to taste. Although short in height, she was no reed thin stick. No she was all woman. I could tell her breasts would be a nice size from her tshirts.
She was a pretty thing. Blonde hair with caramel streaks. Gorgeous blue eyes. But it was her personality, her sexy cute little laugh, that got to me.....
She was visiting from Interstate. Visiting our neighbors. We were introduced. I caught her looking at me. My heart skipped a beat. You see I was hiding a secret!
I was Bi-sexual. I longed to feel a womans touch again. It had been so long...........

Then one day a knock came at my front door. It was her. Fuck she looked hot!
No makeup, but sexy as hell in faded blue jeans, a tight sports top and runners. My breath caught...... "Hi" I said.
"Sorry to bother you", she said. "Just wondered if you might be able to spare some milk. We have run out, and no one is home to get more" "Im dying for a Hot chocolate", she said.
So I took her down to the kitchen and gave her what was left in our milk container.
We headed back up the passage to the front door. I wanted to delay her. Ask her anything, just to be around her a bit longer.
"Wow, I love your jeans" I said. - She thought they made her arse look too big. Ummmm, no!
I told her she seemed to have a nice looking butt. She disagreed. Yours looks nicer she told me.
Then she touched my butt. It was playful. It felt nice! So I touched hers. We laughed. "You are rather beautiful, and you have gorgeous eyes" she told me.
How could I help it. I looked at her face, her mouth and wanted her to kiss me, touch me, ANYTHING!! And she knew it!
"Do you want me to kiss you?" she asked. I could only nod. My stomach felt wobbly, my pussy tight. My breathing was irregular.
Looking around, she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She shut the door. And pushed me up against it.
Holy Shit! I almost stopped breathing. Then she kissed me....... Softly on the lips, then without breaking contact she explored my lips more. Her tongue traced the line of my lips. She was playing with me, teasing me and tasting me. It was so good!
Her tongue wanted access to mine. Oh my!
It was warm and wet, her tongue was firm but soft at the same time. She assulted my mouth with hers, in the nicest way possible. I never wanted her to stop. We kisses for a while.
We were both getting hot and horny. Her hands were on my breasts thru my tshirt, feeling the weight of me. Rubbing my nipples so they were straining against my bra. Wanting to be touched, sucked, rubbed. So tight and hard! They ached to be touched.
But she had other ideas........
She began to touch me thru my jeans. Her hand stroking the inside of my thighs. Her hand cupping my pussy. She knew I was feeling hot, She knew I was probably wet. She had to know......
Before I knew it she had undone my jeans. I made a half attempt to stop her. But really I was saying, YES! Fuck Yes!!!
She pulled down my panties too. I didnt look, but I knew they were wet from my excitement.

Her hand was warm on my skin. Her fingers touching, testing, rubbing. She wanted to feel my heat. She needed to touch my wetness. She gently spread my legs wider. Then softly stroked a finger over my clit. I could only gasp. How I remained standing I dont know.
The door propt me up. The door gave my back support as she continued to play, tease and stroke my soaking pussy and throbbing clit.
Just when I thought it couldnt get any better, she changed tactics.
Two fingers in and thrusting up inside me.Thrusting in and out, rubbing me and thrusting her fingers at the same time. Damn! She was good. Way too good. My body wanted release. I wanted her to make me cum so bad......
I was panting by now! She just kept going. She knew what she was doing, Oh Yeah! Fuck this was HOT.

And suddenly it was too much. I shuddered and moaned. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" was all I could say as the most glorious, intense orgasm rocked my body. Wave after wave of pleasure rippled through me. Oh my! I had never cum like this before. Thank Goodness for the door. I was scared I was gonna collapse. My knees were so weak!
"So you liked that?" she asked and gave one of her cheeky laughs. "Fuck yeah!" was all I could reply.
My legs were shaky, but I made it to the bed and collapsed there.

Then I heard the front door open and close. She was gone........

But me and my door, well we will never forget her. Never forget the intense pleasure, the unexpected thrill, the sexiness of her and the most incredible sexual fantasy experience that I have had, against,
the Door.