First kiss

A Fantasy

There she was standing on the bridge. I saw her smile and I knew I had to get closer to her, then I glanced down instantly I liked what I was seeing, perky little breasts and that arse oh my! I walk closer she notices me, all the noise of people enjoying the summers day fades into the distance as they all disappear and we are alone. I stop beside and lean my arms on the bridge rail next to her. I can feel my heart racing, she is gorgeous. To my delight she says Hi Darl, I haven't seen you before....
We start chatting and flirting straight away, sitting on the edge of the bridge before I know it the sun is setting right in front of us. Suddenly standing up she grabs my hand winks at me and says come with me....
Of course I follow.... My heart's pounding, I'm so wet, wish I was wearing underwear I'm going to have juices running down my leg any minute.
We get to some boat sheds on the fore shore, she takes me between them pushes me up against the wall and starts to kiss me, I can feel her tits up against mine, her tonguein my mouth its the softest sweetest thing I've ever felt.
Suddenly she stops. Looks deep into my eyes and smiling whispers, you haven't been with a women before have you? All I can do is slowly shake my head from side to side, she giggles, Well tonight we will change that.

If you want to know what happened later that night, part 2 is cumming :)