Let me awaken you

A Fantasy

Let me awaken you......
Hello...... you are beautiful. Look at you over there.... The way the sunlight catches your hair. Your mouth looks so kissable..... Your breasts so firm and needing my hands to caress them.
Let me touch you.... Gently touch your face with my hand. Stroke your jaw and cheek. Feel your soft skin. Get to know your skin..
Slowly I draw your face closer and softly brush your lips with mine. Soft, oh so soft.... how lovely you are.
Let me deepen our kiss. Open your mouth so I can find your tongue.. Stroke mine with yours in a intimate caress of our tongues. Stroke the flames of desire within us both....
Your breathing catches as you respond to our kiss. Your lips tremble and you push back with your mouth, hungry for more. Deep kissing that fans the flames of desire for more.....
I bite you! And you gasp in shock and delight....... throw back your head and expose your slender neck to me. And I just gotta kiss it, and lick it.... all the way to your ear. Slowly I lap at your ear lobe, soft strokes of my tongue. Teasing you, making you want me more. Then I gently suck your ear lobe.... Mmmmmmmmm! You moan... Oh it feels so good. Makes your pussy feel tight with need, and your breast swell wanting my attention as well.....
You are gorgeous. You are making me ache. Making me want to explore that warm and delicious place between your legs that I know is surely getting wet for me.
I rub my hand on you. Over your clothes just to touch you, get a feel of you, see if I can feel your warmth. Wanting more, needing more......
You thrust yourself against my hand, expressing your need. Indicating that you want me too.
Come on baby, let me touch you.... Please............ I want to know if you are wet for me. I long to touch your soft pussy, stroke your pussy lips, tease your swollen clit, then gently dip my finger into your warmth and feel your delicious wetness.... Mmmmmm, do you want it too, did I awaken you?

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