The Forest Nymph.

A Fantasy

The clouds clear to reveal the moonlit night sky..... The beautiful moon lights up the forest below.
And there she stands, like a forest nymph, naked beneath the moonlight.
Her long silky blonde hair cascades down her back. Her slender neck is thrown back so that the moonlight baths her face in its glow.
Her eyes are closed, but they are the most beautiful blue...... Her lips are perfect, parted just a fraction to reveal perfect white teeth. Her soft pink tongue moistens her lips, as if waiting for a lovers kiss............
She has the most perfect pair of breasts. Beautiful in their firmness, thrusting towards the moon, waiting for a lovers caress.....
Sweet pink nipples harden as the night breeze taunts them.
Her body is soft but strong and the curves to her hips and waist beg to be held and gently touched. Her body hair is soft and downy, her skin pale and covered with a light shower of freckles.
And in the valley between her legs lies her most secret place.
Warm and so soft to touch. The scent of her arousal catching the gentle breeze...... So that even the animals hidden in the forest, recognise that she is ready to be loved. Longing to be awakened to a lovers touch.
The need to mate, over whelmes her. Her pussy grows wet, so that when she stretches her slender arms to the sky, her arousal glistens in the moonlight.
Softly she brushes her fingers over her mound. Quivering at the touch. She feels her bodies wetness and cannot resist. Lightly she strokes her outer pussy lips. Teasing herself.
She dips a finger into her wetness. Moaning as she discovers just how wet she is. How ready she is to be fucked.
Her fingers play with her clit. Softly teasing, rubbing, stroking her sensitive nub. She moans at the sensations...... How very good it feels. Fingers dipping into her wet cunt, stroking in and out. Longing for a lovers tongue........ Needing to be licked and fucked. Wanting to abandon all sense of time and place. To lie beneath her lovers weight, hear the laboured breath. Kiss so that their tongues are intimately entwined. Eager hands touching and stroking. Bodies moving to give each other pleasure. Sweat running down between aroused breasts, as each naked body heats up seeking its release........ Voices calling out, moaning and gasping as they thrust and rub against each other..... fucking together, until that glorious moment of satisfaction... So exhausted they will collapse onto the forest floor to rest their wildly beating hearts.
There they lie, sated in their love making, tenderly touching, unwilling to break the contact.....
Till the cool night air stirs their bodies and they shiver under the moonlight.
A lone wolf howls, interrupting the forest nymph in her fantasies.....
So that she comes back to reality.
Quickly she grabs her gown and dresses......
The clouds have rolled in. The moon has disappeared. The magic of the night is gone......
With a little sigh, she settles her golden locks against her back, and heads for home.