Time is of the Essence

A Fantasy

I see the desire in your eyes and know exactly what you want as I go to drain the last of the wine from my glass. To everyone else we've invited to dinner, I accidentally spilled the remains on my blouse but only you know I did it on purpose. I excuse myself from our guests and head for the bedroom to clean up knowing you'll follow soon enough. I hear the familiar knock on the door a short time later and let you in, then relock the door.

Without warning you spin me around and pushed me face first against the bedroom wall, your body pressed against mine. Your left hand pins mine to the wall above my head and I feel the bulge of your silicone cock pressing against my ass. I've known you've been hard packing since before our guests arrived and I've been getting wetter by the second. I turn my head to the right to look back over my shoulder as you hitch up my skirt and pull down my panties to my knees. You push your fingers inside my pussy to see how wet I am and I know you're satisfied with the amount of arousal on them when I hear you growl the word, "Whore."

You unzip your trouser, coat your cock in my arousal and push it to my opening. You tell me to clean up the mess for you and as I sealed my mouth around your fingers coated in my own arousal, you push inside of me. You hear my groan of annoyance when you pull your fingers away while fucking me at a steady pace but you reassure me that you need your hand for something else. Your right hand slides down and finds my clit. Your thrusting picks up and your fingers work my clit furiously because we don't have much time.

You remind me with a whisper that I have to come quietly, there's visitors in the house and we don't want them knowing what's really happening. With a final pinch to my clit, and your mouth covering mine, I feel the waves of my orgasm ripple through me as I come. You can feel my pussy not wanting to let go of your cock when you try and pull out. I want nothing more than to drop to my knees and clean up the arousal coating your cock but we both know that'll have to happen another time. "Quickly change your blouse, sweetie. We don't want our guests to get suspicious," you say zipping your trousers back up then kissing me tenderly, your fingers caressing my cheek. You give me a wicked grin after ending the kiss, "And lose those panties. I want you again before we have dessert, and it'll be my mouth eating your pussy."

Biting my lower lip, I squeeze my thighs together to relieve the sudden throbbing from your suggestion as you leave our bedroom and close the door. How did I get so lucky to ever find a woman like you?