my neighbour

A True Story

My neighbour is 23 ,islander girl
Curvy..friendly..big full tits ...lovely lips

One tuesday night she knocked on my door..introduced herself and i asked her to come in
I turned to walk to kitchen and she grabbed me by the top of my pants then pulled me against her..she kissed my neck and i was hers
Her hands undone my bra and she felt my tits and hard nipples..i moaned
I turned and kissed her..then took her top off...mmmm her tits are nice..i lick her nipples
Then i go to the lounge..take my pants off so all im wearing is tiny pink gstring...then i kneel on my lounge ass n pussy open and facing her
She stands behind me and rubs my pussy..concerntrating on my in heaven
Then she pulls my pantys to the side..i feel my pussy so wet and ready
Then..mmmm...she licks my clit from behind...up to my pussy and on my ass..up n down
I start to push back wanting her to finger me
She does...3 fingers to hurts a little then they glide into me..i grab her hand then thrust back fucking her fingers ..moaning...i cum quickly..i squirt on her and she likes it