The first time..

A True Story

Ok so, 12 months ago my divorce was all finalised and I was officially single.. I Felt so free and happier than I'd been in years I had moved into my own place and was living in a beautiful little townhouse and was still unpacking when my lovely neighbour Paige came knocking on my door, there stood this beautiful tall muscular woman wearing a tiny singlet top and no bra and breasts straining against this top to escape and these tiny little lycra shorts that covered next to nothing, she introduced herself and said she had just gotten home from a walk and asked if Id like a hand to unpack I replied yes please I'd love that as being alone unpacking was boring and kinda lonely so she steps in kicks off her little nikes and walks over and we start talking as we unpacked and with her help we got most of it all done by 8pm that night thats when she said would I like dinner knowing as I had just moved in I had zero food worth eating she said it was her treat and her cheat night so she ordered pizzas and we sat and ate and talked and laughed and without realizing at some point my own little cotton shorts had split right in the crotch and I was only wearing this tiny see through pair of gstring I was sitting on the floor cross legged so my pussy was literally buldging through the split seam and she casually pointed out Uh Emily you seem to have a wardrobe malfunction and I look down see my pussy on full view and me goes into full appologetic panic mode she just goes its fine its a lovely view.. I giggled and blushed anyway I ducked off got a new pair of shorts and we kept talking till midnight and my bed still wasnt made and she casually says why dont I help you make the bed so we get the sheets and she is flirting and we are laughing and she walked up behind me and ran her hands over my arse to which out of instinct or sheer horniness I jutted my backside out and she gave it a little spank and we finally got the bed made when she says why dont we have a shower I looked at her kinda questioning and she goes come on it will be to girls having a chat and a shower I shrugged thought why the fuck not I'm single now and I kinda shyly said Ive never been with a woman before to which she replied its ok we are friends and I will guide you.. We got naked and I couldnt help but stare at her toned muscular yet still feminine physique and we stepped into the little shower out breasts brushed against eachother she smiled and let out a little moan as she grabbed the soap and started soaping my large breasts which felt amazing we started kissing and really working it 2 soaped up slipper bodies pressed against eachother she reaches down and starts to caress my pussy and slide a finger in me I found myself moaning and surrender to her as she took control of the situation she grabs my hand and places it on her smooth shaven pussy her clit was huge and hard and stuck out like a little hooded penis from between her outter labia it was so beautiful to feel and she put her hands on my shoulers pushed me gently to my knees and then placed her hand on the back of my head forcing me to lick her it was my very first taste of pussy and I loved it I found myself devouring her as if possessed and she was moaning groaning and begging me not to stop as she shuddered to orgasm lifting me off my knees to kiss me and taste her juices off my lips we moved to the bed ( after drying off of course) and she proceeded to take control of my body liking sucking teasing me till I shuddered to my first, second, third and fourth orgasms till she crawled up beside me and wrapped her arms around me spooning until we fell asleep, waking up the next morning to do it over again... We are still close friends and fuck buddies to this day and its a beautiful thing to feel so free..