Real Night Out In Berlin

A True Story

I'm lucky to have had a number of pretty out there sexual experiences over my time in different places. Europe was brilliant and I met some really hot people.

Since you had to run away to help your friend, I thought I’d take the time to write down something for you to relax in bed thinking about. So, is a real story of a night out in Berlin.

A group of us were in Berlin and we were hanging out with some pretty German girls. I said I wanted to experience the sexy side of Berlin as I had geard so much, so the girls offered to take us to a private BDSM/Dance club. It ended up being one of the best nights I have ever had.

I told you I have a thing about lingerie in layers. I love turning heads and this night I floored everyone with what I was wearing.
It’s fun knowing guys or girls are staring at me & wanting me. I’m comfortable with my sexuality and this only makes me wetter & wetter.

I had anticipated going somewhere like this in my plans so had plenty to choose from. My outfit consisted of;
A black fishnet body stocking with open crotch & boobs
A black leather corset that cupped my boobs with suspenders attached.
Red fishnet stockings over the top off the body suit.
Tight red lace booty shorts.
A black lycra high waist strappy thong over them.
Red shelf bra with a micro black bikini top that covered my nipples (just)
Black studded collar with a red stripe.
Matching ankle and wrist cuffs.
A very short flappy latex skirt that barely covered my ass when standing & didn’t if I sat down or bent over. Naturally I bent over at every chance and made sure there was someone watching when I did.
My riding crop and tassel whip attached to my black studded belt.
My hair was pulled up in a high pony tail.
Black eye shadow/liner and bright red lipstick.

I looked hot and everyone noticed, especially two young cute couples that were standing at the bar as I walked around the club checking out the place. There was a good dance floor and through a door at the back of the dance floor was the “play area”. This had three different restraint rooms, one with a St. Andrews cross, one with a tying table surrounded by sofas and one with a sling/swing. This I would find out more about later.

While I was dancing the two boys of the couples were watching me closely. Their girls were facing the other way and all four were really cute. I kept dancing and realized that all four were watching me. That got me wet and I danced with their entertainment in mind.

I kept maintaining direct eye contact with one of the girls as I f;icked my skirt up and showed them all what I had on. After a while I walked straight up to the girl I had been staring with and dragged her by the hand onto the dance floor.

All of them were hot but I wanted to start with one first and then get them all involved, so I danced around the first girl rubbing my ass against her and occasionally letting my hand slide across her ass. We pulled at each other and started to kiss as I ground up and down her thigh. After about ten minutes I went over to the other girl by the waist, kissed her and dragged her onto the dance floor as well.

The boys were spellbound as I danced sexily with their girls. I had them either side of me and they closed in on me and rubbed against me getting more eager with every song. After a while I walked off towards the bathrooms and motioned to them to follow. I went into the girls bathroom and closed the door behind me when I went into the largest stall but didn’t lock the door. Some other girls were using the other stalls but I didn’t care.

Here’s were it got heavier. I heard the main door open and then heard some speaking as one of the girls started to try the stall doors. When she got to mine it opened and I was sitting there waiting for her. I didn’t realize that the boys had come along with the girls. They all pushed into the large stall and locked the door behind them.

I could see the boys cocks bulging through their pants as the girls and I started kissing. We didn’t say a word as the first girl grabbed me and pushed me against the wall.

She didn’t mess around, she kissed me and grabbed my ass while lifting my skirt and sliding her fingers all over my pussy. She turned me around while still groping me and the other girl grabbed my skirt and lifted it right up. She started kissing my ass and rubbing my pussy through my panties. She forced her finger roughly into me as the other started to suck on my nipples.

I was dripping wet and wanted to see them naked and suck on their nipples so I pulled at one girls shirt and opened it up to get at her tits. As I did this the other girl started pushing two fingers into me. I loved it and was totally overcome with pleasure as they worked on each part of my body and I got wetter and wetter.

All the time the boys were watching and both stroking their cocks through their pants. I pushed the girls away and told the boys to drop their pants so I could see what they had to offer.

They both opened their pants and wow. One had a really big cock which was very hard but the other was kinda small and not really hard so I grabbed his cock, knelt down and shoved it into my mouth. I didn’t care about the others in the bathroom and had no idea where my friends were. I sucked the boys cock and surprisingly his cock grew to a pretty good size in my mouth.

The two girls were kissing each other and kept grabbing at my pussy as I sucked cock. I had no idea which hand was whose and didn't really mind as long as they were on me.

The other guy just stood back for a while then I think he couldn’t wait any longer so he knelt down between the girls and pulled my panties down and pushed at least two fingers into me just like his girlfriend had. This was so hot it almost made me cum right then.

I stood up and it really got going. They all started touching me and were all over me grabbing at my clothes, exposing whatever they could. I lost track of who was fingering me, whose pussy I was touching, who was sucking my nipples, who]s tongue was who’s and who’s cock or pussy I had in my hand.

The boys kept trying to bend me over and shove their cocks in me so eventually I let the one with the biggest cock enter me from behind as I bent over to kiss and lick one of the girls.

The big guy pounded me pretty hard while I sucked his girlfriends tits and she went right off. The other couple were busy groping each other and watching me get fucked.

We were making heaps of noise, enough to let everyone in the bathroom know what was going on but we didn’t care.

The guy who was fucking me shot his load deep in me after about two minutes which made the other one who was being jerked off by his girlfriend blow as well. I pulled away and watched him cum on her tits and mouth. It was a huge load.

Eventually I stood up, pulled my panties back up and walked straight out of the bathroom to the bar were my friends were talking to some people, so I joined them as if nothing had happened.

I’ll let your imagination take over from here and tell you about the rest of the night another time…