First woman to woman encounter

A True Story

We met in a chat room online and instantly connected. We were an hour apart and hubby was away so after a hot online chat we exchanged details and she drove to my place.
I was dressed simply in a black lace loose top, naked underneath and nipples slightly exposed. She was hungry for pussy :)
Nervous as hell as she walked in, fondled my large swaying breasts then kissing me deeply. we quickly moved to the bedroom where she stripped off my loose top admiring my heavy breasts with her tongue, lips and fingers. I was panting in anticipation getting wetter by the second. She gently laid me back on the bed fingering my increasingly wet pussy as she played with my aching breasts. Legs spread, she sat under the bed where she could comfortably pay attention to my hungry aching pussy. Once settled, my legs over her shoulders, she dived in and ate me for a solid 3 hours, never stopping. I passed out a few times with orgasmic pleasure, cumming again and again.
Best introduction to a 'woman's touch' I could have ever asked for. Mmmmmmmmmmmm More please xx