Segment from White Noise

A Fantasy

“Pancakes.” Noelle uttered, drawing in a sharp breath. “Quinn, the… pancakes… burning...” Noelle’s lips parted as she gave a loud moan when Quinn’s fingers trailed downwards, slipping past the waistband of her shorts. Noelle’s eyes flew open and she spun the dial on the griddle, turning it off before she then took control, prying Quinn’s hands from her body and turning around in the woman’s arms. Quinn had a smirk on her face.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Quinn asked, her voice cocky.
“I was trying to make us breakfast.”
“I want you for breakfast.”
“So vulgar.”

“That’s not a no.” Quinn’s hands were on Noelle’s hips, turning them both and walking her back until Noelle’s backside hit the counter on the other side of the kitchen.
“Quinn!” Noelle gasped as Quinn’s hands slid around and down her waist, cupping her backside and squeezing before she swiftly tugged Noelle’s shorts down, letting them pool around Noelle’s ankles. “Fuck! Quinn, yes.” Noelle’s arms locked around Quinn’s neck as the woman lift Noelle onto the counter, their lips meeting in a way that left Noelle dizzy with desire. Noelle wrapped her legs around Quinn, kicking aside the shorts that had snagged on a toe.

Quinn wrapped one hand around the back of Noelle’s neck as the other drifted down Noelle’s body, fingertips ghosting along Noelle’s inner thigh as Quinn’s tongue slipped between Noelle’s lips. Noelle groaned against the touch, writhing on the countertop and Quinn broke their kiss to give Noelle a wide, easy grin.

“So impatient.” Quinn teased even as Noelle continued to thrash under Quinn’s languorous touches.
“So wet.” Noelle said through grit teeth, earning herself a genuine growl from the back of Quinn’s throat. Quinn dropped both hands then, to Noelle’s knees and she urged thighs apart as she knelt before Noelle.

Without hesitation, Quinn pressed her tongue against Noelle, lavishing Noelle with strong, sweet strokes that caused the woman’s hips to ride up, meeting Quinn’s tongue. Noelle’s hand snaked down to find Quinn’s cheek, rocking herself hard against Quinn’s mouth as a moan escaped past her lips. Noelle gasped for breath, each inhale laboured, each exhale fast as Quinn kept her lips locked around Noelle’s clit. Noelle thrust into Quinn’s mouth even harder as she arched her back, leaning back on her arms, head back, hair skirting over the countertop.

When she felt two fingers slide into her, Noelle cried out Quinn’s name as she felt that delicious familiar pressure beginning to build, rising swiftly as Quinn increased the tempo of her tongue against Noelle’s clit, licking and sucking as she drove her fingers inside of Noelle. Noelle’s entire body trembled, tensed and when Quinn sucked her clit between her teeth, Noelle cried out as her orgasm took over. Quinn slowed her fingers, released Noelle’s clit from between her lips and lifted her head to meet Noelle’s gaze.

Frazzled, but deliciously so, Noelle gave a chuckle as she swept her hand over Quinn’s cheek once more before falling back onto the counter, covering her face with her hands as she enjoyed the last remnants of pleasure tickling through her body.

“You burnt the pancake.” Quinn commented and Noelle snapped her eyes open, pushing herself up on one elbow as she gave Quinn an incredulous look.
“And whose fault is it, really, Reed Quinton?”
“Oh, Reed is it now, huh?” Quinn smirked, running her thumb over her bottom lip and licking it clean as she held Noelle’s eye. Noelle groaned, sliding to her feet as she reached for Quinn. Pulling Quinn to her, Noelle pressed her lips to Quinn, tasting herself on Quinn’s mouth and she dragged Quinn out of the kitchen, walking them back to the couch. When Noelle fell back onto the soft cushion, she pulled Quinn down with her and the woman straddled Noelle’s lap with a laugh, sliding her arms around Noelle’s neck.