Sessions with Dr Schaffer

A Fantasy

I scanned the room, 2 huge leather Chippendale seats , the usual therapist day lounge & a mahogany desk & then there she was.

A stricking woman in her early 50s - jet black silky hair & natural beauty with a twinkle in her sparkling blue eye & an almost naughty smirk.
" you must be, Kari!" I nodded & smiled back.

She rose up from her desk & sauntered over to me- she looked amazing as she swayed over her titties jiggled in her low cut top her legs looked toned & seemed to go on for ever- atleast her thigh high skirt would make you think that.

"Let me introduce myself, I am Dr Schaffer & I will be your sex therapist!"
My mind was running riot when Dr Schaffer was explaining the therapy sessions - I couldn't stop thinking about touching her or better yet her all over & in me - I think therapy is a good idea.
Before I knew it, Dr Schaffer was standing behind me, I could feel her body against mine. Her chest pressing into my back, her hands holding me close into her while she started nibbling & kissing my ear- whispering how I was a good client & responding so well to her touch.
She started playing & caressing my breasts while kissing my neck.
My hands reached round to her ass & I pulled her into me - trying to touch every inch of her that I could.

All of a sudden Dr Shaffer spun me round & then started kissing me softly , running her tongue around my lips - her hand started to move towards my panties & she started to rub my pussy still kissing me.
Her fingers slid under my panties, I could feel her warm touch on my wet slit.
She inserted her middle finger- slowly & gently & then kissed me.
Gazing into my eyes she told me again how well i had responded so well to her treatment- she had a surprise for me.
She placed her pointer & middle fingers in side of me & started to finger fuck me slow & firm - my moans & squirming let Dr Schaffer know her treatment is working
Then she got her thumb & starting playing with my clit- in circle motions - all while finger fucking me.
She could tell I was close to cumming & laid me on her desk- spread my legs & devoured my pussy- licking, sucking & flicking my clit with her tongue.
As my juices exploded in her mouth I grabbed her head & she lay her mouth right over my pussy- French kissing & sucking the last of my juices from my throbbing slit
Once she was done, Dr Schaffer got 2 fingers & ran them over my pussy lips - on & around , she swirled her fingers with her devine touch.- looked me directly in the eye & sucked her fingers clean.
Gotta say - I think I'm gonna like therapy!!

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