"Whipping coffee cream"

A Fantasy

One cloudy day, you came to my place for coffee. We sat down on a wide sofa, between down pillows. It was cold outside. While I was making coffee, I noticed that your nipples were sticking out through your thin dress. Were you shivering from the cold? Maybe you were as excited as me? I was whipping cream into the coffee. At first slowly. And when I looked at your slightly open thighs, faster and faster. I was only wearing a red tank top and thin transparent shorts. You came so early that I didn't have time to change. Now I felt that the nipples of my big tits were piercing the fabric, rubbing against the material as if they wanted to break free. I accidentally smeared my fingers in cream. I licked them reflexively. Then you looked at me with such hot eyes that I felt my shorts were wet. You lay down between the pillows. And I asked if you wanted to try the whipped cream. You laughed, your eyes closing playfully. You didn't even notice that your dress got tangled and now I can see your thin lace panties with your curls sticking out. It makes me feel the rhythmic pulsation of my pussy, makes me feel my shorts showing you my taut mound. I'm already standing over you and giving you whipped cream in your mouth. You lifted yourself up slightly and then our big tits rubbed together. And it happened. You stuck your tongue straight into my mouth and open dress with your hand. I moaned with pleasure.