Throuples delight

A True Story

Our throuple was going well, after 6 months we spent most weekends together, going to restaurants, enjoying afternoons at wineries and lots of fucking.
This particular afternoon combined two of the three and the only thing being eaten definitely wasn't food!
We'd already been to 1 winery and enjoyed a bottle of rose while Husband had a beer. We moved on to another place nearby and ordered a bottle of bubbles, feeling tipsy, horny and naughty, I grabbed our girls hand and pulled her up from the table we were sitting at and led her to the bathrooms.
There was a separate disabled bathroom which was massive, I pulled her in after me and flicked the lock closed.
Sliding an arm around her waist, I pushed her back into the wall and we kissed passionately, long, sexy kisses.
I whispered in her ear to be very quiet and dropped to my knees in front of her, I pushed her denim skirt up and pulled her panties down her legs, guiding her to step out of them entirely.
I slid my hands up the inside of her smooth legs, pushing them wider and teased her as I kissed her thighs and the front of her pussy. After making her squirm and start to beg me to taste her, I slipped 2 fingers inside her dripping wet pussy and started finger fucking her, deep and fast like I knew she loved it, making sure to crook my fingers to hit her g spot.
I leaned forward and took a long lick of her slit, I couldn't access as much of her sweet tasting cunt as usual so concentrated on licking and sucking her swollen clit.
She moaned in pleasure, her hips thrusting forward to grind her pussy against my tongue and onto my fingers, I worked her clit for only a few minutes until I felt her pussy start to clench around my fingers.
She wound her fingers in my hair and pulled my face tighter to her pussy as she came hard gasping my name.
As her hands dropped to my shoulders I gave her clit a few more light licks, drawing her orgasm out as long as possible. I slid my fingers from her and she watched as I sucked them clean.
I fixed her skirt up and grabbed her panties, when she reached for them to put them back on, I laughed and said they were mine now.
We left the bathroom after a few more kisses and made our way back to my husband. I pulled the panties from my pocket and dropped them in his lap as I sat down with a naughty grin.