Really Good Sex Festival

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Really Good Sex Festival
The festival is a three day journey into discovering more about what really good sex is for you uniquely, a Play Ground to have New Experiences, expand your limits and learn more about yourself.

All workshops are learner-centred and for everybody, young and old, queer and straight, singles, couples, people who live in different kinds of non-traditional relationships as well as those who are interested in practices such as “kink” or BDSM.

All activity at the festival is based on informed consent. To create a safe container, all participants must attend the festival opening, during which we will provide a framework which will enable participants to express their wishes and boundaries in clear ways, and gracefully to accept refusal.

Radically inclusive, experientially-based, supportive, ethical, experimental, passionate - and intelligent. The festival is truly unique. There's nothing else like it in the Southern Hemisphere.


Pulse, Brunswick

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SPECIAL OFFER: $50 discount on all-inclusive tickets with the promotion code: WELCOME

Book your ticket now for the Melbourne edition, 1-3 June, 2018 @ Pulse in Brunswick. You can choose Low Income ($250 plus b/fee) or Normal ($300 plus b/fee).

Because we wish to create a safe container for you, we are only selling all-inclusive tickets to the festival this year. Should you only be able to come for part of the festival, we still encourage you to buy an all-inclusive ticket, given that ticket prices are below commercial rates. In so doing, you will be supporting the School, whose purpose is to promote sex-positive culture and education in Australia.

Dress Code:
For most workshops loose fitting, comfortable clothes are appropriate.



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