Worldwide Festival of Erotic Living

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Worldwide Festival of Erotic Living
How do we not only survive, but also flourish, enjoy and learn in this current crisis? How can we take pleasure for ourselves and with others in this strange new world in which we find ourselves? How do we find new ways to feel pleasure, happy and alive under these novel conditions?

For the first time Erotic Living proposes a worldwide festival to explore these questions. Teachers and artists from Europe, the United States and Australia, leaders and pioneers in the field, will support you to explore what is erotic living Today.

The Worldwide Festival of Erotic Living will take place over eight days, so you will not be encouraged to spend full days in front of your computer or get unnecessarily fatigued. Workshops will be edited and recorded so that you can also watch them for up to a month later. Witness or participate from anywhere. Given the current crisis all ticket prices are starkly reduced. (AUD $60-150; USD $40-100; EUR 35-90). Our incredible program includes Experiential workshops, Lectures, Participatory Installations, Dance, Music, and Art Performances. Meet new people, learn and above all Have a Great Time!

Workshops will cover topics such as:
Healthy Porn Watching
Online Stripping
Dirty Talk
Through the anus to the Heart
Shoe worship & foot pampering
… and more

You can access the full program on our website.

Erotic Living is a place to learn extremely important life skills which are not taught in our schools or universities. Our festivals, workshops and trainings are led by a small team of skilled and dedicated people who dare to live more freely, feel more alive, who are not afraid openly to question society’s prejudices and judgements.


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