Bingay celebrates Cher

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Bingay celebrates Cher
If you like a bit of hilariously ballsy fun, then Bingay is the night out for you.

Yes, the rumours are true! So to celebrate we're honouring the one and only Cher with a special Bingay edition dedicated entirely to her! From 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves' to 'Believe', relive your favourite Cher moments and win some great prizes - there are goodies for best dressed. Hosts Charisma Belle and Naomi Palmer will deliver cheeky calls, naughty stories and hilarious repartee, raising funds for charity!

A Sydney institution, Bingay is gay bingo which means there’s classic disco tunes, weird rules and penalties, outrageous antics, hilarious repartee, deliciously lewd bingo calls, and prizes that range from the silly and camp to great theatre tickets and restaurant vouchers.

If you are a BINGAY virgin, or haven’t been for a while, the night has never been funnier or camp. Our fabulous hosts Charisma Belle and barrel babe Naomi Palmer will lead the revelry, sing up a storm and entertain the audience with silly jokes and madcap hilarity.

Bingay takes over the upstairs bar of The Beresford in Surry Hills on the second Thursday of every month, with each monthly event having a fabulously flamboyant theme.

So whether you’re a regular or a novice, or a local or visitor to Sydney, if you’re up for a wonderfully camp mid-week entertainment experience, then you can’t go wrong with Bingay. It is a night for friends to get together and have fun on a 'school night', that also ends by around 10pm so you can have a great night out without feeling like you can not face work the next day!

Bingay’s balls first dropped in 1999, making it one of Sydney’s longest running LGBTI community events. Bingay is also a fundraiser for ACON, NSW’s leading HIV and LGBTI health organisation.


The Beresford
354 Bourke Street, Surry Hills

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