Provocation LATEXTACY

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Provocation LATEXTACY
Provocation invites you to a night of kinky fun for like minded people who want to play.

An ambiance of true bliss awaits you! Dazzle us with the colorfulness and fantasy of Japanese style manga animé or surrender to the excess of latex, leather or PVC and remember, Latextacy also loves lingerie, wetlook, super heros. This is the perfect time place to explore your alter-ego.

This is undoubtedly one of the best fetish nights in Australia! An unrepentant celebration of fetish culture featuring performers. Inspire your passions with intense visuals, couture fetish fashion, and wild stage performances. An ambiance of true bliss awaits you! if you like your parties extreme, we are the right night for you……we create multi roomed fantasy with dungeon equipment laid on!

Themes are ALWAYS just an added bonus and are never mandatory. Any fetish outfit as per the full Provocation dress code

Don’t hold back in expressing yourself or your kinks, the environment we are trying to create is one where you can be yourself, the true you that might stay hidden in everyday life… So bring out all that gear you thought was a little ‘too much’ for public viewing, there’s no judgement here and a lot of people are probably going to really love it.

We have something special for you, somewhere that you can play unrestricted. A venue that you can explore that is filled with nooks and crannies that will be overloaded with equipment so that everyone can play. There is a medical area, several large pieces of play equipment, suspension frame, cages. We will supply some lovely nibbles and the resident Provocation slaves will ensure no one misses out.

We have the opinion that while your kink may not be our kink - respect is compulsory.


60 King Street, Melbourne

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Dress Code:
Fetish, minimum all black.
The all black clothing minimum is a concession to those who are new to these kinds of events and don’t yet have a kink wardrobe or those who are not comfortable in the more ‘traditional’ fetish wear of leather, latex and PVC etc.

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