What does 'Add Watermark' mean? 
The ‘Add watermark’ feature is a way for you to show that your images belong to you and your profile only. 
Our member's security is very important to us and this is why we have introduced this feature.

To add a watermark when uploading a new photo:
Click on the ‘Add Photo’ icon located in your profile card at the top of the homepage or in the round avatar drop down menu on the top righthand corner of the homepage
Select which gallery you would like to add your photo to
Click ‘Upload a new photo’
Select your photo from your saved photos
Once the photo has loaded click the box next to ‘Add watermark’ and the watermark will appear over your photo
Click ‘Save Photo’ to finish

To add a watermark to existing photos:
Click on the round avatar drop down menu on the top right hand corner of the homepage, and click ‘Manage Photos.’
Tick the box above the photo(s) you wish to place a watermark on 
Click on ‘Watermark’ above the photo(s)
Select ‘Add watermark’
Click ‘ok’ to finish

To Add or remove watermarks in bulk:
You can add or remove watermarks in bulk by ticking the box under the name of the gallery you wish to add watermarks to. 
This will automatically select all the images in that gallery, then you can click on ‘Watermark’ and select either ‘Add watermark’ or ‘Remove watermark.’   

Why can't I add a logo as a watermark?
The feature allows you to watermark your photos with your username, there are no options to add logos or additional text.
If you change your username at any point the watermark will update automatically.