All it took was a wink.

33, Female
I signed up onto this wonderful site at the start of the year.
I had, had my heart shattered and was looking to make friends in a safe way. I had all but given up on love but I had a open mind on friendship. In September I received a wink from a smart funny and caring girl who lives in a different state.
We kicked off a amazing friendship we had both had similar experiences and were a sympathetic ear and a caring shoulder to the other. Over time the friendship started to change and evolve into something I never could imagine.
We met for the first time at Christmas she was visiting her family in a nearby town. We hung out and our friendship grew and before I knew it I had fallen in love again but only realized it when she returned back to her home state for work. One night we were chatting away and she went quiet when I asked her what was wrong she wouldn't tell me. I got on the next plane I could when I arrived we meet up and she ran into my arms. I couldn't hold it in any longer and told her of my love for her.
Since that day she has been mine and I hers. She is the love of my life I thank LMM not just for helping her find me but helping to me to get our of my own way and fall once more.
Thankyou LMM xx