Lesbian slang & queer lingo

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Do you know your strum queen from your stud? What about your lesbro from your pillow princess? And what in the lesbian Jesus is clitference?

Never fear! I’m here to spread the legs of the lesbian and queer slang dictionary wide open and expose some of the most popular (and a few questionable) lingos that exist within the LGBTIQ+ community for women who are into women.

Baby dyke

A ‘baby dyke’ refers to either a young lesbian or someone who is fresh out of the closet. Baby dykes are young, free, wide-eyed, unjaded, inexperienced and very enthusiastic. Ahh to be a baby dyke again… 


A bottom is someone who is submissive in bed, likes to relinquish control during sex and is generally the receiver of pleasure. On the flip side of that power dynamic is the ‘top’ who gets their kicks from taking the reins, directing the scenario and being the giver. If you like the sound of both, you might be a Switch… see below.


A portmanteau of the words celebrity and lesbian, a celesbian refers to a lesbian celebrity popular within the LGBTIW+ community. Famous celesbians include Sarah Paulson, Wanda Sykes, Ruby Rose, Cara Delevigne, Gigi Gorgeous, and of course, anyone to ever step foot on The L Word (except Jenny, obviously). On the flip side, there are the “dykons” or “celebudykes”, which refer to straight actresses who have treated us to very convincing (or downright horny) portrayals of lesbian characters and made us women who love women work up a lather, like Cate Blanchett in ‘Carol’, Natasha Lyonne in ‘Orange is the New Black’ and Rachel Weisz in ‘Dissilience’. I don’t care if you’re straight just spit in my mouth please, Rachel.


The lesbian version of cock-blocking. Cliterference refers to when someone gets in the way or interferes when you’re flirting, making out or trying to pick someone up. Also known as a beaver-dam.


Someone who is dating or having sex with someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to them. Alternatively, to bang a dopplebanger is to have sex with someone because they look like someone else.


Enby, pronounced: en-bee, is a shortened form of “non-binary” and refers to someone who identifies as non-binary. Someone is an enby is a person whose gender identity doesn’t fit neatly into the category of “man” or “woman”. They might consider themselves a combination of both, or totally reject all binary gender entirely. They might express their gender expression with their appearance, change their name or use pronouns, and they may not. 


A lazy or slovenly lesbian. Maybe keep that one off your profile…

Pillow Princess

A Pillow Princess, or Pillow Queen, is a woman who is more likely to lie back and enjoy receiving oral sex stimulation than she is to reciprocate it and go down town herself. While some might think a pillow princess is lazy or use it in a sex-negative way, some queer women prefer to be the active partner during sex and are looking for a pillow princess playmate.


A straight non creepy guy who surrounds himself with a friend group of lesbians and women who love women.


Lesbian yuppies. 


If you’ve ever watched lesbian porn, you’ve seen scissoring. Essentially it’s the act of vulvas grinding against each other while the legs are kept apart in the shape of a pair of half opened scissors. While the position is called scissoring, the actual genital-on-genital action is called “tribbing”, which can be achieved in a number of positions, most of which are much more comfortable than attempting to scissor.

Stirring the bean curd

English translation of a Chinese term of the lesbian sexual act of finger-fucking.

Strum queen

A strum queen is a queer woman who like to strum herself silly in front of an audience. Translated: she likes to masturbate in front of a group of queer women.


A dominant lesbian or queer woman who is generally butch. You know her when you see her.


A BDSM term referring to someone who switches between being dominant and submissive during sex, depending on how they feel during the moment.


When lesbians or queer women move in with each other after a short period of dating. As in, “Bette and Tina went on two dates and they’re already U-Hauling!” See also “U-Haul lesbian” referring to a woman who has a track record of moving in quickly with the women she dates.


WLW is an acronym for either woman-loving-woman or women who love women. It refers to women who are attracted to other women, and includes lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and queer women.

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