• my neighbour
    A True Story by Jacquixx
    My neighbour is 23 ,islander girl Curvy..friendly..big full tits ...lovely lips One tuesday night she knocked on my door..introduced herself and i asked her to come in I turned to walk to kitchen and she grabbed me by the top of my pants then pulled me against her..she kissed my neck and i was hers Her
  • Time is of the Essence
    A Fantasy by NicenNaughty79
    I see the desire in your eyes and know exactly what you want as I go to drain the last of the wine from my glass. To everyone else we've invited to dinner, I accidentally spilled the remains on my blouse but only you know I did it on purpose. I excuse myself from our guests and head for the bedroom to
  • Birdiebabe Photo
    The Forest Nymph.
    A Fantasy by Birdiebabe
    The clouds clear to reveal the moonlit night sky..... The beautiful moon lights up the forest below. And there she stands, like a forest nymph, naked beneath the moonlight. Her long silky blonde hair cascades down her back. Her slender neck is thrown back so that the moonlight baths her face in
  • Birdiebabe Photo
    Let me awaken you........
    A Fantasy by Birdiebabe
    Let me awaken you...... Hello...... you are beautiful. Look at you over there.... The way the sunlight catches your hair. Your mouth looks so kissable..... Your breasts so firm and needing my hands to caress them. Let me touch you.... Gently touch your face with my hand. Stroke your jaw and cheek.
  • SarahJane19 Photo
    First kiss
    A Fantasy by SarahJane19
    There she was standing on the bridge. I saw her smile and I knew I had to get closer to her, then I glanced down instantly I liked what I was seeing, perky little breasts and that arse oh my! I walk closer she notices me, all the noise of people enjoying the summers day fades into the distance as they
  • Birdiebabe Photo
    The Door.
    A Fantasy by Birdiebabe
    The Door. Well its just an ordinary door in my house. But this door is now, so much more....... It was a prop for a lustful encounter! It holds my moans and gasps. It brings back memories that make me wet- just to think about the time agains this door. To everyone else it is just a bedroom door.
  • Birdiebabe Photo
    Kiss me Tender- part one.
    A Fantasy by Birdiebabe
    She is my best friend, and I have fallen in love with her...... I have to tell her that I am bi-sexual and want to kiss her and love her in every way. Its late at night. I drive up to her house and she is standing on her drive having a cigarette. The glow casts a light on her face. She is so beautiful,
  • MissSexyBitch Photo
    Thunderstorm Orgasms
    A True Story by MissSexyBitch
    One day i had a female play-mate come over, while waiting for her to arrive i got everything ready like the bed, the toys and vibrators out, bullets, lube and strap-on aswell. after i had done that i sat down still waiting for her, while waiting i got so horny just thinking about what were gonna get
  • Attraction
    A Fantasy by lovethenewbond
    I could feel the tension in the room, we had seen each other before, the attraction was electric. I could feel her eyes gazing at me and looking away shyly as I look towards her. So many other people occupy the room yet it seems we were the only two people there. I order another midori with pineapple
  • My perfect dream date
    A Fantasy by violetnight
    I stood in the corner,feeling shy and uneasy,yet so horny i could feel myself getting wet. This was my first night at a private fetish party and i longed to participate.And there she was the most stunning woman i had ever seen. Her green eyes flashed and suddenly she looked in my direction,my heart started
  • NaughtyLittleMe Photo
    Dream Lover
    A Fantasy by NaughtyLittleMe
    It was a hot Summer's night and I was asleep in my bed; the cold air from the air conditioner caressing my skin like a lovers touch. My bedroom is dark, The bedroom door suddenly opens slightly and she appears.She moves towards my sleeping body and trails just the tips of her fingertips down my neck
  • lustfull taste
    A Fantasy by noboundaries
    Meeting for the first time brings excitement,fear and wanting desire.I saw her coupe park in front of the motel room long slender legs eased her sexy body to face me where i could see her firm breasts straining against her sheer blouse.God i was horny my snatch was pulsating she was more beautiful than
  • luciouslips1987 Photo
    green eyed devil part 2
    A Fantasy by luciouslips1987
    i watched as the green eyed devil composed herself afer i took her to a place of satisfaction. Confidently she grabbed my hand and strutted towards the road, with a slight raise of her hand she hailed a cab and pushed me in. As we drove towards her house she put her hand on my leg and slowly made her
  • Play things part 2
    A Fantasy by MsTeri
    My excitement builds as I take in the beautiful tableau, Tess her green eyes darkening with arousal, her face still showing the last of humiliated blush holding down Alicia by the scruff of her neck. Alicia is wimpering, tears falling steadily from those luscious blue eyes to pool on the floorboards
  • Play things
    A Fantasy by MsTeri
    Sitting on the couch, my long red dress with its plunging v neckline spread out across the cushions. I stroke the tops of my E cup breasts in anticipation of the company Im expecting. Three sharp taps on the door are followed by the sound of the front door opening and shutting, a nervous giggle floats
  • luciouslips1987 Photo
    green eyed devil
    A Fantasy by luciouslips1987
    her smell as she strutted past me was nothing short of intoxicating.....it grabbed hold of me and i had no choice the demon took control, i needed to follow her! i walked to the bar knowing she was there. after ordering my drink i glanced over feeling like a voier hoping not to be seen. her beauty was
  • missgenuine68 Photo
    my boss i fell for
    A True Story by missgenuine68
    Approx 12 months ago i got a new boss, and as time went bye we became really good friends. It started to become difficult because the more time we spent together the more i felt for her. We text a fair bit and flirt but i wasnt really sure if she felt the same way. So just the other nite we
  • The Meeting - Part 2
    A True Story by VelvetRope
    I watched her as she walked down the corridor. The way her body swayed, the way her arse moved as she walked, the way I caught a glimpse of the side of her breasts as she turned to go into my room. All these visuals made me want her more and more - to softly touch and lick her arse and breasts. I
  • The meeting part 1
    A Fantasy by VelvetRope
    I was disappointed in the lack of stories on here. So there was only one way to fix it. Be part of the solution and not the problem… The Meeting We had organised to meet for coffee on a Sunday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, not too hot but warm enough for there to be people out and about. Warm
  • she walk in part two
    A True Story by kimmy28
    As i sit there just thinking she wanted to talk she just start to take off my cloths frist my top then my shirt. then she remoeved my pantys and lay me back on the bed. slow started to lick my pussy. licking me slow at frist then faster til i come thinking it may be my tune i say do you want to be licked